How we can help

How do you make better use of your qualities? How do you get more out of your work? Which next step suits you? Our team of experienced career advisors will help you move forward. With an academic mindset we look at what you need. Objective yet close.


Continuing to learn is important. So that you keep pace with the changing academic world. The workshops in a familiar setting provide concrete insights. And help you learn specific skills.


Whatever stage of your career you are in, continue to explore, develop and challenge yourself. Whether it concerns communication, leadership or career orientation, keep the saw sharp. And invest in yourself!


By knowing who you are, what you can do and what you want, you become aware of your talents. This gives you confidence and takes control of your own development. In a way that suits you.


In addition to self-insight and feedback from others, it is good to have yourself tested on your competencies and skills. What is your strength? You will discover that you can do much more than you imagine.