Would you like to gain in-depth insight into your personality type and that of others?


For UvA staff and staff of other organisations who would like to know more about their personality type and how to make it work for them.


  • Learn to discover your own unique talents.
  • Increase your insight into your motivations, your natural talents and potential for growth.
  • Gain a greater understanding of people who differ from you so that you can improve your working relationship.

The MBTI is based on psychological types proposed by Carl Jung and has grown into the world's most widely used instrument for gaining insight into normal differences in personality.


  • The candidate completes a questionnaire.
  • This is followed by a session with a careers adviser to discuss the results and interpretation of the instrument and determine the personality type that best fits you.


  • The MBTI instrument explains basic human personality types and can be widely used for:
  • Self-knowledge and development
  • Career development and research
  • Team building
  • Leadership training


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Completing a questionnaire and one session with a careers adviser to discuss the results.

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