How do you convince the other person of your strengths, competencies and/or skills?


If you are asked to list your three best competencies, do you fall silent, stammer an answer or can you recite them by heart?


For job seekers in the present labour market, who want to distinguish themselves and make a strong impression when networking and in job interviews.


  • Homework assignments before the workshop.
  • Ask for feedback using a questionnaire for colleagues, partner and friends about your competencies.
  • Describe your own successes.
  • Present your competencies.
  • Receive feedback on your power of persuasion.


Homework, practice with other participants and learning to receive feedback.


  • Insight into your five competencies and five points for development.
  • Presentation of two competencies.
  • Improved performance when networking and in job interviews.


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Wed 19 Jun13:30-16:30

Location: Roetersstraat 25


Workshop lasting 3 hours.

Group size

3 to 8 participants.


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