Are you leaving your current employer, for whatever reason?

For whom?

Employees looking for a position outside their present organisation.


  • If required: coming to terms with unpleasant work experiences.
  • Inventory of wishes, motivations, interests, qualities, hindrances and gaps in education/training; optional career choice test.
  • Training for job application skills: CV, application letters, job interviews.
  • Approaching the labour market: networking and job applications.


Individual sessions with careers adviser, homework assignments, networking and job application skills training and active support in finding a new position.


  • A new job or
  • Skills to find a job independently.
  • Training/education with work experience potentially leading to a job.
  • Realistic picture of interesting and suitable career opportunities on the labour market.


In this programme I learned to think outside the box and to focus more on what is possible than what is not possible. I also discovered the importance of taking small, concrete steps towards reaching my goal, setting the bar lower than I was used to and so making steady progress.


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6 to 12 months.

Additional information

Every two or three months a report is sent to the client/employer.

Size of group

Partly individual; networking and job application skills training in groups of three to six people.


Your employer can offer you this programme and register you for it.

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Bianca Klupper
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Tel: 020-214 1333
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