The Career Development Advice Service is available free of charge once every two years to UvA staff only. This service is included in the UvA CAO and gives you the right to three free career development advice sessions.

No, ProActief UvA adheres to the Privacy Regulations. This means that we will not divulge any information to third parties about you or the content of the sessions.

Yes and no. If you have already started to receive unemployment benefit and you have not made any other reintegration arrangements, you are obliged to enter a reintegration programme at ProActief UvA. ProActief UvA provides these activities on behalf of the UvA.

We will invite you for an appointment as soon as we have received a copy of the letter you received from the UvA concerning the termination of your temporary employment contract. This enables us to mediate for you in the labour market as soon as possible. Experience has taught us that the sooner you take active steps in this, the more successful you will be.

No, ProActief UvA is not an employment agency, we do not hold listings of job vacancies. We provide guidance for you in the labour market. However, ProActief UvA does have early information on internal vacancies in the UvA, AUAS (HvA) and the AMC.

Your career adviser can register you for our internal vacancy overview that is updated weekly.

You count as a priority candidate if your job is under threat due to a reorganisation and/or your position is being terminated.

If you are taking part in a ProActief UvA programme, your career adviser can register you for the weekly job vacancy service.

No, career coaching is not the same as therapy. The guidance in career coaching is aimed at getting someone to function more effectively in their present position (or in extreme cases to reach the conclusion that this is not realistically possible).

The goal of therapy is to enable someone to function optimally on a personal level, so that they feel more in balance and are able to (re)take control of their life. Of course this may affect their career, but this is not the original starting point.

ProActief UvA has years of experience in career guidance and coaching for primarily (ex) employees of universities and organisations affiliated to the academic world. This has given ProActief UvA a thorough knowledge of the university culture, and particularly that of the UvA.

ProActief UvA knows what academic and non-academic university staff need and what sets them in motion. This enables us to effectively anticipate current and future needs within the university environment.