Have you experienced incapacity for work at your current employer and are you looking for a different position?

For whom?

Employees who have experienced incapacity for work in their present position and are looking for a suitable place of work within the organisation or beyond.


  • If required: help with processing and accepting the situation. Finding a balance between capacity for work and workload.
  • Taking stock of your wishes, motives, interests, qualities, obstacles and training gaps; possibly doing a career choice test.
  • ob application training: CV, application letters, interviews.
  • Approaching the job market: personal presentation, networking and applying for jobs.


Individual sessions with a career counsellor, homework assignments, networking and job application training and active guidance in finding a new job.


  • Increased capacity for work.
  • Realistic view of interesting and suitable career possibilities in the job market and the ability to find a job independently.
  • Training and/or a place to commence reintegration into the workforce.
  • A new job that suits your individual situation and capabilities.


Registration form

Duration and details

6 to 12 months. Two- or three-monthly reports to the client/employer.

Group size

Partially individual, job application and network training takes place in a group of three to six participants.