ProActief UvA has a long track record in the field of career and development guidance, outplacement and reintegration of all UvA employees and faculties.

Thie means, ProActief UvA knows the university culture, especially that of the UvA, inside and out. And therefore responds adequately to current and future questions within a university environment.

Other knowledge institutes within education and science also like to collaborate with ProActief UvA because of its expertise in sustainable employability, vitality and talent development of highly educated people.


Motivated, self-confident and enjoy working on 'learning, gaining knowledge and breaking new ground'; this is of great value to employees and employers. ProActief UvA is happy to contribute to this realization!

Team of top advisors

Our team of enthusiastic and professional advisors has experience in the career profession. Thanks to our years of experience, expertise in the labor market and knowledge of the academic work setting, we are a full-fledged and pleasant discussion partner for our career clients. We understand our profession. And deliver quality. Always.