Self-insight helps you find direction for your (future) work.


Employees who have questions about their next career move. Who are not sure what work suits them and are prepared to explore this dilemma using questions about their past and future.


Working on your career is ‘creating your own identity’. You don't discover your 'identity' through tests and questionnaires, but via an active and creative approach. Personal history, desires and recent experiences form the threads of life that every individual weaves into their working life.

  • Exploration of your personal story, qualities, values and interests.
  • Taking time to consider the question 'Who am I and who would I like to be?'
  • Discovering what elements give you satisfaction.


  • A narrative research method for matching your life story to your next career move.
  • Inspiration exercises.
  • Exchanging experiences with other participants.


  • Insight into your life and career themes.
  • Generating cohesion, continuity and meaning.
  • More insight into who you are and what direction you want to go in.


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Thu 25 Jul09:30-12:30

Location: Roetersstraat 25


Workshop lasting 3 hours.

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3 to 8 participants.


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