Curious about other career perspectives?

For whom?

Employees who want to explore their prospects and perspectives in the labour market.


  • Inventory of wishes, motivations, interests, qualities, stumbling blocks and pitfalls.
  • Assessment of the feasibility of career wishes.
  • Approaching the labour market: networking and job applications.


Sessions with career adviser, training in networking and job applications, homework assignments.


  • A clear picture of personal qualities, capacities and ambitions.
  • Better insight into personal functioning.
  • Insight into desirable career opportunities.
  • Realistic picture of career opportunities on the labour market.
  • Strong presentation during networking talks and job interviews.
  • Greater chance of a suitable job.


I entered the job application process with far more self-confidence and had a far better idea of what to expect. This helped me to stay calm and gave me self-confidence, which resulted in me getting a new job.


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4 to 9 months.

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