On basis of trust.

For whom?

Employees who need advice on how to set up or maintain a network. Also (or particularly) good for those who find it difficult to mingle at networking receptions etc.


  • Networking has nothing to do with being a smooth talker, but is all about reciprocation. People share information and new contacts with each other and give each other tips about jobs.
  • The size and quality of your network.
  • The purpose of your network.
  • Building your network.
  • Engaging in a network conversation.
  • Maintaining your network.


Practical exercises (in front of the mirror), assignments, case studies, sharing experiences.


  • Knowledge of the seven qualities of a good networker.
  • Skills in making contact with others.


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Thu 22 Aug09:30-12:30

Location: Roetersstraat 25


Three-hour workshop.

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3 to 8 participants.


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