The way to find work

For whom?

Anyone looking for a new job or assignments.


The ins and outs of the LinkedIn professional network, using the book Career Management via LinkedIn:

  • Creating a profile.
  • Networking via LinkedIn.
  • Introduction to the way in which recruiters and recruitment and selection agencies use LinkedIn and how to use this to your advantage.

Networking, a vital part of maintaining your business contacts, is increasingly taking place online, particularly via LinkedIn. If you want people to find you, if you are looking for a job or new assignments, you would do well to use this online network, say Aaltje Vincent and Jacco Valkenburg, authors of the book Career Management via LinkedIn.


Explanation from the trainer, exercises.

  • Result
  • Ability to make your own effective LinkedIn profile.
  • Insight into how LinkedIn works.
  • Practical skills for exploring the full potential of LinkedIn.
  • Increasing your own network potential.


The responses of the course trainer and fellow participants to each others' LinkedIn profiles provide concrete insights into how you can make LinkedIn work for you.


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Three-hour workshop.

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3 to 8 participants.


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