Do you want to develop specific competencies, for example presenting yourself convincingly during a job interview, or carrying out your work within the allotted time? Then choose one of the training courses put together by ProActief.

If there does not seem to be an existing training course to meet your particular need, we can use different modules to create a tailor-made course for you.

Launch your Career for Phd candidates & Postdocs

The training Launch your Career helps to prepare you for your future. The training consists of a workshop Profiling and a workshop Networking plus 2 individual coaching sessions.
You will gain insight in your transferable skills, your career goals and the labour market. At the end of the training you will have developed a professional profile and a realistic action plan for yourself. Also you submitted your first contacts to potential employers.
The training is best suited when you are about to start your final year of employment. The costs; € 950,00 Additional VAT of 21% for non-UvA, participants could be borne by your faculty and/or could be settled with the transition fee.

More info and registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extremely helpful to broaden your horizon and realize the grand (and great) world outside academia; helps to realize what your strengths are (instead of always focusing on the criticism); provided much insight in how your PhD degree offers a valuable transferable skills toolkit! The course included great exercises to realize how easily networking can be done!


The Career Orientation Course is for PhD candidates and Postdocs who are about to start their final year of employment*. You can also participate if you are a PhD student or postdoc at another university or research institute. Each group consists of a maximum of 12 people, creating a safe environment where personal experiences and ideas can be shared.