09 November 2020 —

Take a walk with ProActief and discuss your career-related questions and needs along the way.

Now the second wave of Covid-19 is upon us, working online and from home is proving an even greater challenge than it was the first time around.

How can we continue to focus on our own vitality and balance, our development, deployability and career prospects?

Are you an UvA employee with one year of service or longer? Then from today you are welcome to make use of the SLO (Career Development) walking coaching service, offered by an experienced coach from ProActief. We arrange to meet you at the entrance to the Oosterpark in Amsterdam (or another park that is convenient for both you and the career coach) and exchange thoughts while walking. 

Work-related issues that may be covered during the SLO walking coaching sessions include:


  • Coping with transition and changes to your work;
  • Working from home: maintaining a work-life balance;
  • Reflecting on your own career: insight into your own work-related values, passions and convictions;
  • Taking steps to make your career a better fit (yes, you can do that even while working from home!);
  • Charting your development and training needs;
  • Gaining insight into your competences and what competences you would like to develop or put to better use.



tto sign up for SLO walking coaching. For more information call us on +31 20 5256670.

 The coaching sessions are also available online if you prefer.